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Creating opportunities for children to thrive. Building resilience and nurturing positive behaviors to allow children to become their very best and live life to the fullest.


By introducing Mindfulness techniques to school communities, and involving students, teachers, principals and parents, the Mindful Child Program effectively promotes a positive culture of wellbeing, resilience and management of daily challenges.


Mindful Child aims to build happier, healthier and more resilient children, families, teachers, schools and communities. 


The Mindful Child program does this by:


  • Providing children with tools to better manage their behaviour

  • Increasing children's awareness of emotions

  • Improving staff wellbeing and confidence

  • Increasing children's focus and attention

The Mindful Child Program is a School-based Program facilitated by a Psychologist and Counsellor.

It includes:

  • A tailored introductory workshop for teachers

  • 8 x 30-minute weekly sessions with structured activities to teach mindfulness techniques to children and staff.

  • Take-home resources for staff and students

  • Ongoing support during and after the Program for Principals, teachers and school counsellors

  • Evaluation of improvements in student wellbeing.



$110 per child (Private health rebates may apply - contact us for more info)

Cost includes:

  • Full day workshop facilitated by a Psychologist and Counsellor

  • Package of take-home resources

The Mindful Child school holiday workshops will focus on helping children to develop mindfulness skills to enhance good mental health, manage stress and increase their sense of calm in a busy world. 

Through the use of fun mindfulness exercises and exploration of the senses, children will have the opportunity to develop:
* Coping skills 
* Resilience 
* Emotional literacy 
* Improved focus and attention and more!


Our Psychologists and Counsellors provide a number of education and therapy services to assist children and families to face life's challenges successfully. We create opportunities for children to thrive, building resilience and increasing positive behaviours to allow children to become their very best and live life to the fullest.

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